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what is angular technology and its key angular features

What is Angular Technology?

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Angular Technology (generally known as "Angular 2+" or "Angular v2 and above") is a TypeScript-based open-source web application system by the Angular Team at Google and by a network of people and partnerships. Angular is a complete modification of its predecessor AngularJS by the same group who developed the previous version.

Angular being the new buzzword of IT industry is suitable for all platforms like web, mobile and conventional desk tops.

Some key Angular Features

There are alot of useful Angular features. Some of them are below.

Angular not only provides the tools and notions but also a complete design framework to construct different projects/ applications that are easy to maintain. While developing an Angular application, the whole process of coding to testing, to debugging is highly structured/organized and hence easy to maintain, change, as well as debug.

It’s better version of JavaScript. Angular is developed with TypeScript, which depends on JS ES6. You don't have to gain proficiency with an absolutely new language, yet despite everything improved, you still get the some of the same cool old features.

With Angular Technology, you can have heaps of tools/notions to create the application immediately. You can give HTML components, a dynamic conduct. You can accelerate the structures utilizing FormControl and present different approval rules. You may effortlessly send unsynchronized HTTP protocols of different kinds. You can set up steering with little problem. Furthermore, there are a lot more treats that Angular can offer us!

Parts/components are separated because, Angular strives to decouple different segments of the application. Infusion occurs in NodeJS-style and you may modify, change and swap different parts of programs easily.

All DOM control happens where it is ought to occur. With Angular, you don't firmly couple different components of the application, hence the maintenance and debugging process becomes much cleaner and more straightforward.

Angular fully supports testing with Jasmine and protractor tools.

Angular is user friendly and suitable for various platforms including web, mobile and traditional desk tops, making it portable and maintainable.

Angular is effectively kept up as its compatible to many third party tools.

Thus, we can say that Angular isn't only a system, yet rather a stage that enables designers to construct applications for the web, mobile, and the conventional systems. This is the list of most important angular features.

A few words of warning

Along these lines, as you see, there are a considerable amount of things to learn so as to begin making customer side web applications. However, don't be put off: there are various assets on the net that may enable you to get familiar with every one of these devices and advancements. Obviously, you'll need some an opportunity to get the grip of them, yet subsequently, you'll get significant experience and will almost certainly make complex applications with certainty.

One final thing worth referencing is that occasionally utilizing Angular technology for a simple application might be needless excess. In case of small and simple applications, without much complicated UIs and environments it’s better to keep using old JAVAScript. In this manner, it's essential to evaluate every aspect and factor of the development cycle to decide between Angular or Javascript framework, so as to keep the efficiency and development time in proper check and balance to maintain efficiency and time effectiveness.

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